Opuntia basilaris cv. Mini Rita Purple Pad Pink Flower

Opuntia basilaris cv. Mini Rita Purple Pad Pink Flower

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Opuntia basilaris cv. Baby Rita is a little wonder that thrives from the coast to the heart of the inland deserts, and even into high altitude mountain areas where hardiness to 0 degrees is required. Opuntia basilaris cv. Baby Rita never grows taller than about 8 inches and spreads along the ground in a loose mound to 24 inches wide. Opuntia basilaris cv. Baby Rita will be covered with brilliant pink-red flowers in the spring. Opuntia basilaris cv. Baby Rita pads have a purple hue that lasts all year, but is most intense in the winter. You are bidding on one pad. Beware of the barbed spines and glochids. Use paper not gloves when handling. Sections fall off almost to the touch.
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Don't water Prickly Pear Cacti until they grow roots. It may take 30-60 days. If you water while they are in the soil before roots, they may rot. However, even though the pad may look dead, it may grow a new pad within a year. It does not matter which way they are planted. However, you typically get roots faster when they are laying flat on the soil. The down side of the pad will begin to grow roots.

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