Ferocactus Peninsulae

Ferocactus Peninsulae as the name suggests is a ferocious spine barrel cactus from the Baja California peninsula. This cactus look like a cross between F. gracilis and F. wislezenii. In habitat along the west facing slopes of the Baja Peninsula between Ensenada and Guerrero Negro, you will find F. peninsulae specimens with red spines, some with grey spines, and some with brown spines. There are also other Ferocactu names floating around that are essentially synonyms of F. peninsulae: F. viscainensis, F. townsendianus, F. gatesii, and F. santa maria.

Ferocactus peninsulae

Here is a map the the F. peninsulae growing region:

Ferocactus peninulae Map

They also grow on small islands that are a short boat ride away from the main peninsula, such as Ferocactus peninsulae gatesii isla ventana

Ferocactus peninsulae gatesii isla ventana

Like Ferocactus wislezenii, flower colors are also widely variable, but generally anchor around the color of orange. The flowers can be almost white to a deep blood red color.

Ferocactus peninulae deep red flowers and red spines